Covid-19 disinfection techniques

The CDC and other organizations have outlined excellent cleaning standards to fall in line with COVID-19 protocols. Ensuring that areas are clean and using the right cleaners are all a big part of keeping yourself safe and keeping others around you safe throughout the pandemic. Choosing the best disinfectant will often come down to your expertise in cleaning as well as the processes you use for cleaning.

If you want to make sure that your business is meeting the compliance for cleaning that is outlined by the CDC and other organizations, it is best to trust  your cleaning in the hands of a professional. 

 – Surface cleaning needs to happen regularly:

Cleaning surfaces with any household cleaner containing a detergent or soap can remove some of the germs from the surface area, reduce the risk of infection and ensure that most types of virus particles will not survive. If someone in the area of your workspace or home has Covid-19, the virus particles may live on surfaces for 24 hours or more if the surfaces are not cleaned regularly.

A professional cleaner will target specific areas for deep cleaning like a high touch surface and then tackle areas that are visibly dusty or dirty for disinfecting. Clean surfaces can ensure that everyone remains safer in the workplace, especially when the right cleaner is used. 

Of course, it is important to isolate if you are feeling any symptoms of COVID-19 and wash your hands often, a cleaner environment can reduce risks further when we are touching our faces by accident or forgetting to wash hands. 

 – Using cleaning supplies by the book:

A professional commercial cleaning service will not only be able to provide a more in depth clean but also cleaning according to the directions that are on many types of cleaning products. Many of us will neglect to read the instructions on our favourite cleaners or we may use them slightly improperly, a professional cleaner will have the experience to use these supplies in a safe format and to find the best quality of products for use in a commercial environment. Cleaners following a covide-19 disinfection service will be able to remove contaminants from surfaces with ease while also being able to clean high touch areas and preserve the look of your business. 

 – Reducing staff risk with safe cleaning:

Commercial cleaners will also protect themselves during the cleaning process. Putting your staff and making sure that your business is keeping up with safety protocols can be important but a commercial cleaner will also be able to protect themselves with appropriate PPE, handwashing ventilation and more. With the right tools for reaching, cleaning and efficient disinfecting of surfaces throughout your business, a commercial cleaner can work faster, save hours and reduce risks in the workplace. 

 – Cleaners for every surface:

A professional cleaning company will have a stock of disinfectants that will work across every surface in your business. Rather than leaving areas of your business untidy, you can have a commercial cleaner who can disinfect your rugs, carpets, handle laundering, wipe down electronics and hard surfaces and more. 

 – Using approved disinfectants:

Commercial cleaners will be using disinfectants that are approved for use and environmentally friendly. The cleaners that are used by professionals are designed to help eliminate bacteria or the chance of virus transmission. Approved disinfectants are the best way to clear your space and keep your employees safe. Rather than having to do the research, a professional cleaning company can outline the best cleaning tools that can be put into use to help your company stay at its cleanest. 

 – Choosing commercial cleaning services with Rojo Cleaning Services:

Rojo is a company delivering professional janitorial and cleaning services in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Toronto and Guelph. The experts here have the best services to keep your business clean and well disinfected throughout the pandemic and long after vaccination rates for COVID-19 go up. If you need a reliable team to handle your ongoing commercial cleaning and disinfecting needs, contact our experts today. We want to ensure that you can get the best quality of commercial cleaning throughout Kitchener, Cambridge and the surrounding region. We can keep you and your employees safe by helping you follow the best in COVID-19 protocols. 

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