Cleaning And Sanitizing

Difference Between Cleaning And Sanitizing

Cleaner buildings are also categorized as healthier buildings. Healthier buildings contribute to healthier people and enhance overall productivity if it is a commercial space. However, to enjoy that level of healthiness and productivity, cleaning and sanitization are two crucial factors.

But did you know that both terms are different with different applications?

Though these terms are frequently used interchangeably, it’s crucial to remember that they are not the same thing.

Difference Between Cleaning & Sanitizing

The terms “cleaning” and “sanitizing” are part of a comprehensive strategy to prevent infectious diseases and create a solid invisible wall to make their effects less harmful.  People think they essentially mean one thing: to clean; however, the reality is different.

What is Cleaning?

Definition: The removal of visible soil, debris, microorganisms and organic substances from surfaces; will not eliminate germs but reduces their numbers by removing some contaminated matter.

Most of us know this term since our childhood as it refers to the removal of visible dirt, dust, and other substances from surfaces and is related to disease prevention and hygiene. It’s usually finished with a cloth or wipe, as well as a detergent, soap, or solvent.

It is recommended to do the cleaning before sanitizing, disinfecting, or sterilizing to ensure that each treatment is as effective as possible.

What is Sanitizing?

Definition: The reduction of bacteria to safe levels (set by public health standards) to decrease the risk of infection; it may not kill all viruses.

Sanitizing a surface reduces the amount of bacteria present, but it does not kill or destroy all bacteria. So, sanitizing necessarily does not eliminate or kill viruses on surfaces. Instead, it reduces the number of bacteria on a surface to a safe level, as determined by public health guidelines.

As opposed to disinfectants, Sanitizers are frequently utilized on food contact surfaces (such as knives, stockpots, and cutting boards) since they contain fewer harsh chemicals.

What To Clean And Sanitize?

A recent study by the CIFS Guide to Effective Cleaning & Sanitizing concludes that everything that has had direct touch with food should be cleaned and sanitized.   

  • Crockery, glasses, cutlery, pots and pans, serving utensils, cooking equipment, chopping boards, kitchen surfaces, and worktops are examples of goods that usually come into contact with food. These objects need to be cleaned with every use and sanitized when needed.
  • Other objects that do not come into close touch with food should be cleaned but not sanitized. Chairs, tables, floors, doors, walls, and windows are examples of such goods.
  • Hard-to-reach spots, including under cushions, behind light fixtures and behind blinds or curtains, need to be cleaned as well. At least once a day, drains and restrooms should be cleaned.

Cleaning and Sanitizing is Significant for Commercial Spaces

The dread of Covid-19 is currently stalking us, and people are realizing the crucial factor cleanliness plays in keeping them safe and healthy. Regular cleaning and sanitization routine is necessary, especially for commercial areas, as more people use a closed space.

Now that businesses are opening worldwide and people are adjusting to this “new normal,” there are several precautions businesses must take to ensure their and worker’s safety. Not following a proper cleaning routine can cause several issues, including;

  • Putting your employees’ health at risk.
  • Dust particles and allergies can cause respiratory problems.
  • As an office restroom is undoubtedly used frequently throughout the day, it can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs that employees might transmit without even realizing it.

A cleaner business space not only keeps you, your employees and visitors safe, and it helps you make a good impression on your visitors.

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